Monday, November 19, 2007

Help Bangladesh Cyclone Victims

Cyclone Sidr hit the southwestern region of Bangladesh leaving an extensive trail of destruction in its wake. The immediate needs that are urgently required include food and non-food items, emergency shelter, basic health care, clean water and the provision of basic relief items.

Donate to one of the charities below who are providing emergency relief on the ground.

Delivering emergency food rations, plastic water containers and pumps to remove polluted water from areas where it is likely to cause contamination

Helping the Bangladeshis who have been displaced and lost their homes, crops and livelihoods

Sending volunteers to the affected districts continue to evacuate people and provide relief

GlobalGiving's Fund for Bangledesh
Dispursing funds to organizations with active projects working with vulnerable communities in Bangladesh, including those supporting victims of the cyclone.

Distributing thousands of essential items for survival to children and families

Rushing emergency aid to families displaced by Cyclone Sidr

World Vision
Planning an aid response for families in the Mongla region of southern Bangladesh

If you would like to donate to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies that are doing immediate relief work in the area you can make a donation from their website directly at

Friday, November 16, 2007

Support families globally

Are You in the Movement Changing the World?

Join the 1 million moms uniting virtually to spread awareness and support a cause you love.

Change the world with your photo on the Million Mom Picture Page.

About the Million Mom Picture Page:
The “Million Mom Picture Page” is a monumental movement for mothers. It was created to allow moms, to have a virtual place to support their favorite cause(s) from the comforts of their home. In efforts to raise over $5 Million for charitable organizations, the Million Mom Picture Page is utilizing 1 million pixels, broken down into 10,000 boxes on its site (“pixel”= a single point in a graphic image; short for picture element, using the common abbreviation “pix” for “picture”). Each box will contain 100 pixels (or 100 picture profiles). We will use the image of the first “Mother”- Mother Earth, as the image for the backdrop. For just a modest donation ($5 minimum), each donor is given 1 picture profile where they can upload fun facts and a photo. As participants continue to join in the virtual march, the moms’ images will gradually shed light upon the earth, and have it glow with radiance. Thus creating an immense visual-virtual march of 1 million moms that will truly make herstory!

Monday, November 12, 2007

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Help victims of the floods in Mexico

Emergency relief efforts are underway for thousands of people affected by a series of storms that caused the worst flooding in Mexico's history and tore through the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba. Thousands are being evacuated to neighboring states while some 300,000 people remain trapped in their homes by the flooding.

You can help the victims of this disaster by making a donation to one of the organizations below:

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA)
Providing food baskets for families in the Dominican Republic whose homes were swept away by the floods, or were rescued from the roofs of their homes

Catholic Relief Services
Providing food, water, blankets and other basic emergency supplies to thousands of affected families

Church World Service
Supporting an effort by a local partner organization to assist the most vulnerable and most impoverished; the ones who have not received assistance by local and national authorities during previous emergencies

Medical Teams International
Sending relief workers for initial disaster response and will assess where volunteers and supplies are needed

Save the Children
Assisting children and families affected by the deadly storm that battered the island of Hispaniola

World Vision
Working to ensure the safety of local families while they wait for roads to be cleared. Their Mexico staff is helping to move people to temporary shelters located in schools, parking lots, hospitals, and higher elevation areas

Create a charity badge for one of these organizations; you can spread the word to family and friends making a difference for the victims in need.