Thursday, April 19, 2007

Help the VA Tech community

You can remember and honor the victims of the tragic events by making a donation to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. The fund was established by the university to aid in the healing process and generate financial support.

Money raised will be used to cover expenses such as:
Assistance to victims and their families
Grief counseling
Communication expenses
Comfort expenses

You can also spread the word about the memorial fund by adding the charity badge at right to your website, blog or social networking page; all you have to do is click on "copy" and you can display the badge anywhere online.

Some additional sizes:

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Eco Chic Flowers for Mom

Since Eco Chic is all the rage these days, why not give an organic bouquet to Mom this year for Mother's Day? You can send fabulous flowers that benefit charity through Flowers for Good. She’ll love it and it supports mother earth!

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