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Haiti Relief - Donate Now

A massive 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, 2010. 3 million people have been affected by the quake and its aftermath. Reports estimate that over 70,000 thousand people may be dead and 1.5 million left homeless. Nearly all of Port-au-Prince is either damaged or destroyed, including much needed hospitals and facilities to house the injured. Emergency supplies such as food, water, medical supplies and clothing are desperately needed. The organizations below need your help now to be able to provide assistance in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

To ensure your contribution goes to Haiti relief funds, please remember to designate your gift to "Haiti Earthquake".

Organizations Working on Haiti Earthquake Relief:

*Charitable Deduction in 2009 for Haiti Relief Note: The House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R. 4462 on 1/20/10. This legislation would allow individuals who make charitable contributions to victims of the earthquake in Haiti to claim an itemized charitable deduction on their 2009 tax return instead of having to wait until next year to claim these deductions on their 2010 tax return. The legislation also includes a provision allowing those who text messaged a donation the ability to use a phone bill as proof of donation. Access the full announcement from the Committee on Ways & Means here.

*In-Kind Donations Note: If you are interested in donating physical items like clothing or supplies, please contact nonprofits that accept in-kind donations like the Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries International. At this time, cash donations are most needed so organizations can purchase the exact supplies necessary for emergency response.

*Adoption Note: As in any disaster of this magnitude, the children who may have been orphaned because of the earthquake would not become available for international adoption for at least 1-2 years to allow time to be reunited with their displaced family members. If you are interested in adopting Haitian orphans, please consult these resources:

*Animal Rescue in Haiti Note:
The animal victims of this disaster will desperately need help too, and animal welfare groups are joining forces to come to their aid.
(Click on the links below to donate.)

Action Against Hunger

Tackling malnutrition and providing clean water to vulnerable communities.

Action Aid USA

Working on emergency aid and longterm rebuilding efforts.

ADRA International: Adventist Development and Relief Agency

ADRA providing medical help & supplies, water sanitation and food to Haiti.

America Continental 2000

Collecting donations at our warehouse in Delray Beach, Florida and working with the community around and volunteers provided by

American Jewish World Service

Enabling network of grantees to meet the urgent needs of the population.

American Red Cross

Seeing to needs for food, water, shelter, medical services and support.

American Refugee Committee

The American Refugee Committee works with refugee communities in 7 countries around the world and conducts disaster relief, helping people regain control of their lives. Our unique focus will be on long-term relief, reconstruction, and recovery services for Haitians.


Working with partners to deliver humanitarian aid and disaster relief.

Architecture for Humanity

Helping to rebuild affected areas and promote earthquake resistant housing.

Be-Whole Incorporated

We operate several programs in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY, so we are in contact with Haitian americans with family in Haiti. We provide services to the community by serving and giving good to needy families.

Bless the Children

Bless the Children has mobilized volunteers for disaster relief efforts for Haiti. With donated funds we are providing medical support, food, water and family care packages.

Build Change

Designing sustainable, culturally appropriate earthquake-resistance housing and working with local builders and homeowners on implementation.

CARE Deploying response teams to distribute food and provide immediate aid.

Catholic Relief Services

Providing emergency relief and community development.

CDC Foundation

Teams from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are on the ground in Haiti and have identified critical supplies and equipment needed to address the growing public health crisis - items that CDC cannot purchase quickly through normal government channels. CDC is also beginning to outline long-term needs for helping Haiti rebuild its public health system.

Children's Feeding Network

We are rushing food, water and medical supplies to multiple orphanages in Haiti throughout the Island, and will be sending teams for phase 2 repairs in the near future.

Children's International Lifeline

Aiding Haiti with medical help, food, water, shelter to the earthquake refugees. Rebuilding homes for years to come.

Children's Nutritional Program of Haiti

The on-site offices and residences of CNP have been flattened. The hospital has been severely damaged and is not safe to use. We will partner with Save the Children and other organizations experienced with severe natural disasters to create an effective recovery program. An emergency medical team will provide emergency medical care with a small field hospital in Leogane.

Church World Service

Sending funds to local partners in Haiti. CWS-supported efforts will include the construction of temporary water systems, providing water purification materials, tents and food packages.

Clinton Foundation

Concern Worldwide

Mounting a comprehensive response to this crisis. Aid stocks on the ground are being distributed and more supplies are being flown in. We have committed, resilient teams reaching people with desperately needed aid.

Convoy of Hope

Establishing an emergency command center to distribute aid.

Crisis Recovery International

Crisis Recover International begins work at disasters during the recovery phase. We work with local organizations and provide assistance so that they can empower residents in their community to establish individual ability to be self-supporting as they recover from the disaster.

Cross International

Aiding with food and medical care.

Direct Relief International

Allocating up to $1 million in aid committed for earthquake response.

Doctors without Borders

Treating the injured and setting up replacement clinics in tents.

Double Harvest

Our 200 acre property comprises a large farm, greenhouses, fish project, medical/surgical clinic and a school.

Episcopal Relief & Development

Sending funds to Diocese of Haiti to provide essentials including food and water; working with Diocese of Dominican Republic to coordinate relief efforts and assist refugees.

FAME (Fellowship of Associates for Medical Evangelism)

From our warehouse in Indianapolis we plan to ship multiple containers to Haiti when the time is right. Provide funding for the reconstruction of medical facilities in Haiti.

Feed My Starving Children

We have worked with mission partners in Haiti for more than 10 years, and we currently hold close partnerships with nearly 200 Haiti-based programs. With your support, we will produce an additional 5 million meals for Haiti relief by March 1.

FINCA International

FINCA will remain in Haiti, as we have done for the past 20 years, providing hope and life-changing loans to some of the world’s poorest people.

Food for the Poor

Administering support and distributing supplies from it's warehouse facilities in Haiti. Dedicated to long-term relief efforts.

Freedom from Hunger

Freedom from Hunger is raising money to enable ACLAM (Action Contre La Misère) to rebuild capacity to act quickly to support the relief and recovery of the women, families and communities ACLAM has been serving.

Friends of the Orphans

Providing immediate medical aid for those injured in the earthquake at our hospital, St. Damien; providing funeral and burial services.

Global Giving

Directing funds to aid and development projects on the ground.

Glow Ministries

Providing financial assistance to help maintain primary schools, feeding programs, orphan and widow support as well as relief and development projects in Haiti.

Grameen Foundation

Helping quake survivors rebuild their businesses and lives through small loans.

Haiti Cheri Harvest Life Ministry

We are providing direct relief in Haiti. We have been working in the country since the year 2001.

Haitian Health Foundation

Providing health care, development, relief, and hope to the poor.

Haitian Ministries

Seeing to immediate aid needs.

Habitat for Humanity International

Addressing shelter solutions for low-income families affected by the Haiti earthquake.

Heifer Project International

Hope For Haiti

Working to improve the quality of life for the Haitian people.

Hope for Haiti's Children

Delivering medical supplies, food and water. The organization has been in Haiti since 1995 sponsoring children to go to school.

HUP Helping Haiti Foundation

Will concentrate rebuilding efforts (schools, commerce, housing, etc).


Direct relief is underway and will continue for years, as in Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike.

International Action

Providing clean water, restoring water tanks, and giving drinking water to tens of thousands of people.

International Medical Corps

Providing medical care and other emergency services.

International Orthodox Christian Charities

Response team is coordinating with partners to provide relief.

International Relief and Development

IRD's relief team brought two truckloads of water, and will meet more than $5 million worth of commodities that have been sent to Port-au-Prince. IRD distribute medical supplies, medicines, rehydration salts, solar-powered lights, water purifiers, hygiene kits, and other basic humanitarian aid.

International Rescue Committee

Providing emergency relief and aid services.

Konbit Pou Ayiti/KONPAY

Coordinating a response by NGOs with decades of Haiti experience to make a rapid and strategic intervention.

Lambi Fund of Haiti

The fund channels financial and other resources to community-based organizations that promote the social and economic empowerment of the Haitian people.

Lions Clubs International Foundation

Using donated funds, Lions are purchasing supplies locally, such as water, food, medicine and blankets.

Lutheran World Relief

LWR has committed an initial $1,000,000 to the relief effort. LWR is coordinating a two-phase relief and recovery response through our partners on the ground in Haiti.


Activating emergency response through partner Zanmi Lasante Clinic.

Mercy Corps

Deploying an emergency team to provide relief and assistance.

Medical Emergency Relief International (Merlin) USA

Merlin's emergency response team is working with Haitians and other international agencies to meet the most urgent needs: water, sanitation, shelter, disease prevention and restoration of basic health services.

Medical Missionaries

Sending medical/surgical teams, supplies, food & clothing. We have a clinic in Haiti, along with trucks for transporting teams/supplies.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

MAF staff coordinate with government and NGOs to fly to remote airstrips delivering supplies and aid.

Mission Lifeline (Children's International Lifeline)

Aiding Haiti with medical help, food, water, shelter to the earthquake refugees. Rebuilding homes for years to come.

National Council of the Society of St Vincent de Paul

Sending aid and supplies to network in Haiti for immediate relief.

Operation Rainbow
The first team arrived on Jan 17 and did triage and basic emergency care; the second team did external fixation, caring for the wounded and organizing evacuations to more suitable hospitals. The third team was able to do surgeries as the Xray had arrived. The team going on Feb 20 will follow up with internal fixation and patient care.

Operation USA

Sending medical team and supplies for immediate relief.

Oxfam America

Mobilizing a public health, water and sanitation team and supplies.

PADF: PanAmerican Development Foundation

PADF, the natural disaster relief arm of the Organization of American States, has more than 150 people working Haiti on economic development, disaster mitigation and protecting human rights.

Partners in Health

Providing community-based healthcare and assistance.

Plan International USA

Currently working with children to help them overcome the trauma of the earthquake. So far 250 children have taken part in Plan’s therapeutic games clubs, which provide them with a break from the misery of life on the rubble strewn streets.

Project Hope

Preparing medical disaster relief shipment and soliciting corporate medical donations.

Pure Water for the World

Providing clean water, installing filters, and setting up secure water filtration centers in earthquake stricken villages in Haiti. Now more than ever, the need for clean water is great.

Real Hope for Haiti

Currently housing 60 malnourished children. The organization has treated many people at its clinic, and one missionary is assisting at a mobile clinic in Haiti.

Reiser Relief

Haiti has been the main mission for Reiser Relief Inc. since 1996, we are responding with financial aid and the short and long term relief is providing the essential services to aid in day-to-day survival, water, food, medical supplies

Salesian Missions

Providing education, food, shelter and hope to the world’s poorest children.

Salvation Army

Operating schools, clinics, hospitals, food programs, children's homes.

Samaritans Purse

Samaritan’s Purse teams are working with a network of pastors to distribute critically-needed relief supplies for victims of the massive earthquake that rocked Haiti last week.

Save the Children

Sending teams to help support the emergency response.

Seton Institute

The Seton Institute, the international outreach arm of Ascension Health, is undertaking relief efforts to meet the immediate needs in Haiti and provide ongoing assistance as the nation recovers from this tragedy.


ShelterBox has established three separate operational centers in and around Haiti to help distribute assistance to the estimated one million people left homeless by the devastating 12 January earthquake.

United Methodist Committee on Relief

Collecting health kits to send and working with staff on the ground to provide assistance.


Preparing long-term poverty solutions in health care, education, sanitation.

United Way Worldwide

United Way Worldwide’s members in the Caribbean region have mobilized their staff, volunteer leaders, partners and resources in response to this disaster, and will help to determine the most pressing long-term recovery needs, such as access to health care, rebuilding schools and housing, and meeting critical basic needs for shelter, food and clothing.

VIDA: Volunteers for InterAmerican Development Assistance

Providing medical supplies to the hospitals in Haiti.

Water Missions International

We are delivering, installing, and training people to operate Living Water Treatment Systems (TM), which filter and purify 10 gallons of water a minute. Systems are being installed at orphanages, missions, refugee camps, and other places where survivors are fleeing from the city.

World Concern

Providing emergency survival kits for families that includes medicine, clean water, food, blankets, plastic sheeting and clothing.

World Food Programme

Providing emergency food assistance and longterm development.

World Hope International

Mobilizing its 60-strong Haitian staff and community volunteers to respond with food, safe water, cooking fuel and other basic supplies as available. As the work of first responders ebbs, WHI will expand its response by mobilizing U.S. volunteers to assist the Haitian staff and communities in clean-up and rebuilding.

World Vision Int'l

Providing emergency relief services.

Yele Haiti (Wyclef Jean)

Building awareness, programs in education, sports, arts, environment.

Volunteer Information:

Due to current dangerous conditions in Haiti, please do not travel to the areas affected by the earthquake without explicit instructions from a qualified emergency response organization. Volunteer opportunities in Haiti will become available after the initial emergency response when the situation stabilizes so rebuilding efforts can progress.

Organizations with offices in the U.S. will likely need volunteers to help with fundraisers and community events, provide office support or to organize supplies pre-deployment. You can search for volunteer opportunities here ( CNN also has a listing of relief organization taking applications for volunteers here (


Network for Good said...

If you are interested in being added to Network for Good's Haiti Earthquake page please provide the following information via email ( so we can evaluate adding your organization:

• Please confirm your organization’s name and EIN
• Please confirm that you are providing direct relief – i.e.
description of efforts and/or website detailing programs is preferred
• Brief description (40 characters) describing these activities to include in your listing
• Updated GuideStar information is preferred

We appreciate your work and hope to help in driving resources via
online donations to those in need.

Network for Good said...

Thank you to all the great suggestions for organizations to support. They have been added to the list of charities above.

Anonymous said...

Feed My Starving Children is packing more meals for its partners already in Haiti. Each meal costs 17 cents so even a small donation goes a long ways.

God bless everyone who is helping.

Anonymous said...

Dear all
I m a civil engr with vast working experience in post EQ relief and reconstruction activities in watsan, infrastructure and recosntruction of buildings as well. I have worked in full time in Pakistan EQ 2005 effected area. if any org needs my assistance, i m ready to join voluntarily with them for humanitarian assistance.

Engr Mumtaz Hussain
Islamabad Pakistan

Anonymous said...

ASAP a network should be established whereby those outside the country who are seeking relatives can be notified that they are alive.
Also the registry should include info for Haitians who are seeking relatives they have not located since the earthquake.
Lets all pray strongly for Haiti and her people.

Charizta D' Triple Baka said...

how can i donate for it?

barati said...

I realy want to be there and help,
what i most do?

Pam said...

SAMARITAN'S PURSE is another good organization. I'm surprised it's not on this list.

Unknown said...

Mona Foundation has been well established in Haiti for years - working with the children of Haiti.

Anonymous said...

I live in North Carolina..Will take a family from this disaster into my home, if you can get then to the states.

africanlady said...

I am a Nurse with health care experonce.If any org need my assistance I am ready to go to work.

Unknown said...

How have you overlooked PROJECT CONCERN INTERNATIONAL ? The main people who KNOW HOW to deploy the aid to the suffering through distribution of the product and supplies that are STILL SITTING ON PALLETS is this operation!!!!!!!!!!!! They just landed by the Coca Cola private plane (flight donated by Coke) and will take this daunting task well in-hand. What they achieved in Banda Aceh after the tsunami is legend.

Unknown said...

As the humanitarian crisis continues to grow in quake-hit Haiti, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has expanded its relief efforts by committing $1 million worth of emergency aid to assist survivors in the hardest hit areas. As part of ADRA’s immediate response, an emergency assessment team also traveled to Port-au-Prince to begin coordinating the distribution of aid in the region. The group was to arrive in Haiti today, Friday, January 15, to support the operations on the ground.
ADRA operates in more than 120 countries worldwide and has an established track record of working in harmony with and respecting a broad array of cultures, traditions, and people of non-Christian faith. The positive impact of ADRA's contribution in all these countries validates our heritage and belief in benevolent giving.

Tom Oates said...

How could you leave out Food for the Poor? It is one of the few that had warehouse distribution centers in Haiti (an port-au-prince specifically) and had a less than 1 percent admin ratio? They are in position now to give direct aid to the people they have supported in their mission since the beginning.

becky said...

God loves a cheerful giver.
He will bless your efforts for helping. Thank you

Anonymous said...

god bless everyone who is helping hati in any way. thank you

Anonymous said...

Possibly the charities that have been operating in Haiti and are run by Haitians are the ones we should support. The Evangelical Church of United Hearts has been providing social services(schools, medical clinics, agriculture programs, etc..) in 4 of Haitis states for 20 years. Visit their website.
Also check out their support network in the U.S.
United Hearts International

Mathew Reven

amandak said...

i would like to say that they should get a water system and put a whose in the ocean and clean the water thruw the cleaning system so it comes out with clean water so you no they will always have water to drink and wash them selfs so they dont get sick and so they dont die from not haveing water and doctors need water to help the hurt people so please come up with a system that can help them get water

CANDY40DD said...

***I ask you ALL for a moment of silences, to HELP PRAY for the people of HAITI! Words CAN'T begin to describe such "DEVASTATION, look at "OUR" NATIONAL PALACE! It was onces, ONE of many the MOST BEAUTIFUL ARCHITECT in the WORLD!

***Here is some info I was able to get for DONATIONS by request, i can't answer ALL the emails, hope this info helps


**2. First Tabernacle Of Trinity Church of Haiti Delma 31 phone: 011-509-449-9852 or SUNTRUST Account # 1000063096431 in the USA or email them for more info 954-946-9397 @@

Anonymous said...

It's a blessing that so many organizations and individuals are mobilizing to assist the people of Haiti just as they have for the people of other countries hit by natural disasters. If only this spirit of charity and humanity could carry over such that a true and lasting peace could be achieved in the world. It warms my heart when children want to help other children even if they are only each contributing a few coins; it adds up to a lot and more importantly it teaches them values and strengthens their moral character.

Anonymous said...

I live in TX and would open my home to a chid.

Anonymous said...

I live in TX and would open my home to a chid.

Anonymous said...

Since aid material is not being moved to the affected area, why not deliver several bulldozers to the airport and create a wider road by main force. The United States military should be capable of such a thing. The aid material MUST get through to the people ASAP!

Anonymous said...

i am so sorry for this fortuity ... God is with you ... FROM IRAN

carolynhall said...

Iwant to help the haitian people by check.can anyone give me an address please

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree that we should donate to organizations that have a proven track record in helping haiti prior to the earthquake and employlocal haitian professionals.but there is still alot of disorganization and buracracy with the rescue efforts thier are rescue teams on the ground who are'nt going into the effected areas due to fear of mob violence we have to understand that these people are victims that havent eaten for 4 days of course they're going to be desparate anyone would. the need our help not our fear helecopters should be dropping RMA's{ready to eat meals in affected areas)this would quell any potential for unrest and also create able bodied people who can help in the rescue efforts rather that waiting for the US to arrive on monday. alot of stupidity and lack of common sense is being administered.

sunny said...

please information should reach those in the rescue team that there are still very many under the debril that are still alive that desperatly need help, they should be the priority now not actually those that have survive already

Ellen said...

This is a wonderful resource. Please also consider adding another organization GLOW Ministries to your list. They work in Haiti, employing mainly indigenous people to carry out the work. They are a first responder to disaster situations in Haiti, and already have send a couple of U.S. representatives down there to distribute what supplies they have. They have orphanages and schools down there. You can check out their website at . And if you would please consider adding them to your main list.

Anonymous said...


(Jan. 15) -- Is Yéle Haiti, one of the highest-profile charities involved the Haitian earthquake relief effort, really as selfless its famous founder maintains? New documents obtained by the Smoking Gun suggest that prior to the quake, Wyclef Jean used money donated to his foundation to pay himself and his associates.

In the immediate aftermath of the disastrous earthquake that leveled his homeland, the Grammy Award-winning musician sprang into action: He charted a flight to Port-au-Prince, and flooded new and old media with requests for donations to his charity organization's quake aid fund. Other celebrities quickly followed suit and began promoting his cause.

As of Friday morning, reports estimated that Jean had raised upwards of $2 million simply from donations made via an automated cell phone text-messaging service. But exactly how much of that money and other lower-tech donations will actually go toward helping Haitians recover remains to be seen.

The paper trail uncovered and analyzed by the Smoking Gun includes tax returns for Yéle Haiti that were first filed in August 2009, despite the fact that the organization has been incorporated for 12 years.

Indeed, over that time, Yéle Haiti has also been sanctioned and had its corporate status dissolved on multiple occasions for failing to file disclosure reports.

The tax returns show that the organization made some $60,000 in rent and service payments to Platinum Sound, a recording studio in Manhattan owned by Jean and his cousin Jerry Duplessis. Jean also paid himself $250,000 for playing his own benefit concert, which the return claims is "substantially less than market value."

To date, Jean has not responded to the Smoking Gun's accusations that Haiti earthquake aid donations are being poured into a group that has allegedly dodged proper tax procedures and "enrich[ed]" the singer.

Anonymous said...

Haiti is a natural disaster catastrophy. Anyone receiving unemployment benefits should rally a mass effort to personally aid in the recovery/relief effort for the country.

If you have a spare room, can we offer a safe place to sleep for a Haiti family until the rebuilding in Haiti is livable again.

mike said...

Besides donating money and supplies, we can also provide support through prayer (Prayer that the people still buried are found and found alive... Prayer that help and supplies arrive quickly ... etc.).

We have made a call to prayer for Hati to offer support that way.

Anonymous said...

This blog is supporting the efforts of 2 young women who run an orphanage for Haitian children. They are desperate for assistance, please help if you can. Donation link at the site.

Anonymous said...

You can give through the Southern Baptist Convention or trough your state convention.

Anonymous said...

Donations can be made to:
The Disaster Relief Fund
Louisiana Baptist Convention
1250 MacArthur Dr.
Alexandria, La. 71309

Anonymous said...

WHY is Biden asking that money be sent to the White House for any relief to Haiti. They trying to collect more money to pay voters off for keeping Coakley in the senate ? IS any charity trustworthy any more. So many have staffs that need paid . HOW MUCH DOES THE PEOPLE WE ARE TRYING TO HELP, ACTUALLY RECEIVE FOR HELP

BRIAN said...


Money making idea using cellular or land line phone said...

Dear Friends,

As an Evangelist and a community Activist, working in the Miami Gardens area of South Florida, for quite a while now, doing what little I can so as to educate others on doing good in the neighborhood, as well as placing character development literature and other publications on Natural Remedies in the homes of many, now working with the Florida Conference of Seventh Day Adventist as an independent worker doing the same.

I would like to say that, ADRA or Adventist Disaster Relief Agency, which is very popular and well known to most of the world due to their involvement in reaching out to the world in time of needs and not only that, ADRA most times, are the first to offer help to individuals, nations and countries such as Haiti and others whenever disaster strikes.

Even though the news media seldom broadcast the deeds of Charitable Organizations such as ADRA and many others, all we most times hear of is, Red Cross, but don't forget the many others that are not publicized as the Red Cross, they too are doing a wonderful job, sometimes when the Red Cross and others we send the bulk of our money to, pulls out of a country, these we seldom hear about, are still working with the people, physically and spiritually.

This brings me to a very important point as it relates to scammers, as we all know in any situation there are those who seek to exploit and defraud, but we must also be careful not to label those who have a good heart and want to do good for his or her fellow men.

In fact if the books of many of these Big Charitable Organization should be carefully looked /examined with no covering up, we would be astonished to know who getting what. These directors who should be living simple humble lives, are paid millions, in the name of Charity, even Ministers of the gospel. many feed their cats and dogs steaks while people are hungry, right here in America.

So while we have to be cautious and wise in giving, let's not think that everyone who solicits help for others are scammers. There are still godly people out there. It is obvious by the outpour of support Haiti has received thus far from men and women who gave $5 and $10.00.

So as to make sure we are giving directly to those in need, I have established a website, for us all to view postings of the needy, check to see if they are genuine and let’s do what we can so as to help, giving your money to Red Cross and others, which we consider safe and honest is not necessarily so or true, as the news media would want us to believe.

Please visit, or

We investigate every case prior to posting, just to make sure no one abuses this service, To all I say give, but make sure you supporting those directly in need.


John Hartman said...

We would like to offer our Non-Toxic, Odorless, GREEN product, PyroPac Heat Gel, at a reduced (Below Wholesale) price to organizations in need of a way to heat meals and purify water for drinking for the Haiti disaster and future disasters. You can see a news clip on PyroPac Heat Gel at Then click on "For Disaster Relief Product Information: Click Here" and fill out the form and a Representative will contact you ASAP. Thank You.

John Hartman, Co-Owner, Creative Marketing Inc.

Anonymous said...

I have some really STRONG and POWERFUL AFTERSHOCKS I would love to donate!

Anonymous said...

I would like to donate to William Clinton Foundation b/c the site says that 100% of the donation will go to Haiti relief effort. That sounds like a good value for my donation; most orgs will go 85% of your donation or so. (And I am using my Visa card so there will be no transaction fee to the org until Feb.) Americares is 99%, which is also good. Does anyone have any warning for me before I donate to Clinton foundation?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing such a comprehensive site - sure more to come! Am amazed, though, that nothing has been listed to help the poor ANIMALS! The people will always be taken care of but know the Humane Society of the United States is marshalling every effort - sure your Editorial Board could contact them, who would provide a "domino effect" leading to other Rescue Groups.

Anonymous said...

Haiti has been the main mission for Reiser Relief Inc. since 1996, and they are responding with financial aid and the short and long term relief is providing the essential services to aid in day-to-day survival, water, food, medical supplies.

Beth Emmerling said... is also helping with the Haitian effort and might be added to your wonderful list. Thanks.

Mary Beth Sammon, LMT said...

An e-mail from Dave Mann in Ouanaminthe Haiti
January 14, Two days after the Earthquake

As you all know by now, Ouanaminthe and all the north of Haiti has been spared the physical devastation of the earthquake. However, there are many effects that continue to unfold. The more we hear about Port-au-Prince, the worse it sounds. All the banks are closed throughout the country. So we are operating with what cash we happened to have on hand. All bank balances are inaccessible for the moment. Wiring money to Haiti will not be a viable option for the foreseeable future. Funds will need to be carried in physically. The cell phone system is non-functional, so communication to and from Port-au-Prince is virtually non-existent.

The need is staggering. We cannot even begin to imagine the extent of this catastrophe. On a personal level, the two I.U. graduates from last June who were enrolled at Quisqueya University in Port-au-Prince (Jean-Gardy Saint-Vil and Ronel-Ange Angenor) were still in Ouanaminthe for their Christmas break when the quake hit. We just learned today that their rented apartment is now nothing but rubble. Two other 2009 I.U. grads were in Port-au-Prince looking for jobs (Pedro Pierre and Lynne-Vie Dutrevil). Both survived, but one has a broken leg. We still have not heard from the four I.U. grads studying at the nursing school in Leogane (just an hour west of Port-au-Prince) – Roberta Altidor, Manessa Lovinska, Ange-Marie Hyacinthe, and Emmanuella Ton-Aimé. Many, many Ouanaminthe residents have family members in the capital city area. Since no phones are working, everyone is extremely anxious. Only bits and pieces of news reach us by word of mouth. We covet your prayers.

“How can I help?” is the question that so many people are asking. Answering this question is complicated by the fact that there is currently no way to communicate by phone in Haiti. Short of actually traveling to the capital, we have no way of partnering with a hospital, school, or church there. Therefore, plans to travel are in the works.

Immediate disaster relief (water, food, shelter, medical care) needs to happen now. Giving to reputable organizations that know how to do this (and are doing it) is the best way to address the immediate need. Samaritan’s Purse, Doctors Without Borders, Lutheran World Relief, Catholic Relief Services, and The Red Cross are all good options.
On-going relief: We at Univers will definitely be involved in on-going relief work and rebuilding. We are in the assessment stage at this point. Hugues plans to travel to Port-au-Prince to see where we can best be involved. Our good friend Nene Manigat of Aide et Action is in Port-au-Prince currently. We have recently developed a relationship with a school in Port-au-Prince, Univers Frère Raphaël, but no word from them yet. No doubt, a portion of the surviving population of the capital city will be seeking to relocate north. So, it is possible that we will have new refugee residents with us. As you see, we have a number of ways that will help us determine the best avenue to help. Donations can be channeled through . We will also be asking our students, staff, and their families to participate in a collection to assist in the relief work. We have done this in the past for hurricane relief in 2008 and for a special Christmas gift to the Good Samaritan old folks home. We are proud to say that our poor families respond beyond our expectations. We will establish a special fund for donations earmarked for earthquake relief.
Thanks for your on-going partnership in Christ,
Dave Mann, in Ouanaminthe, Haiti

Carole Fenn said...

Please tell your friends,family, and church to donate to the Children"s Nutrition Porgram of Haiti - The most amazing humanitarians I've ever met! They have been working in Haiti for ten years saving starving children from the brink of death and sending medical misssions to provide basic medical care. CNPH, 1918 Union Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37404 They are wonderful indeed!

Anonymous said...

Good day to All,

I am the founder of a start up organization, The Patricia Lezama Foundation and have reached out to my friends and families to begin to collect Clothing, footwear , and other necessities needed for the survivors in Haiti. My question is who can I partner with to ensure that these resources reach the people in need. Please feel free to call or email me what I should do.

Many Thanks
Cherylann Welch
The Patricia Lezama Foundation
646 257 0629 Cell
212 636 2477 Job
347 689 8127 Home

Kristen said...

Please add Love A Child. Thank you!

nur2007 said...

I wish there was a way I could help. I'm an ICU nurse and would love to help out.

Anonymous said...

Where is Samaritans Purse on the list?

Dr. MJ Burnett said...

Another organization that is in great need of donations is the African Methodist Episcopal Service and Development Agency (AME-SADA). Donations can be made through it's website

AME-SADA is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to improving the quality of life in Africa and the Caribbean. Since its founding 28 years ago, AME-SADA has demonstrated the implementation of its mission, Helping People Help Themselves, by providing essential assistance to those in need through health, micro-credit and education programs, as wells as emergency humanitarian aid in Africa and Haiti.

AME-SADA has been among the top 3 performers among the 25 USAID health subcontractors in Haiti.
AME-SADA has established a network of rural and urban out patient clinics in the regions of Arcahaie and Cabaret as well as in Port au Prince. These outpatient clinics are the sites where AME-SADA's clinical personnel, health agents and traditional birth attendants are based administratively. The services provided by the clinics include an expanded program of immunization of children under 5 years of age against diseases; pre and post natal health care for women of reproductive age, family planning services and counseling; nutritional recuperation for severely malnourished children including micro-nutrient supplements; HIV/AIDS and STD education, prevention, counseling and testing. In addition to three Medical Doctors who oversee all clinics, each clinic has a staff of at least two nurses and a nurse's aide, access to a laboratory technician, a pharmacist, 20-40 health agents and traditional birth attendants.

Anonymous said...

The Rotary Initiative called Shelter Box should be on the lists. and

Anonymous said...

Please include Window of Hope. This non-profit organization provides first on scene swift medical and humanitarian and cross-organizational food and water for catastrophe victims. Their unique ability to get on scene fast can save lives that would otherwise be lost.

Anonymous said...

Where IS Samaritan's Purse on this list? They were one of the first ones there with aid...

Anonymous said...

I agree that Samaritan's Purse is an excellent organization which offers help all over the world and is in Haiti now.

Anonymous said...

I would like to donate to Americares or William Clinton Foundation because their sites say 99% or 100% of the money goes to programs/the relief effort. I will only donate to one org. Does anyone have an opinion on either organization?

Ashley Phillips said...

I am also from North Carolina, and would love to be able to house a family in need. I have also donated money but not sure as to what else I can be of assistance for..

Rita S. said...

PLEASE consider adding to your list. Lifeline has had HQ in Grand Goave, a few miles from Port au Prince and has had a presence in Haiti for 30 years. They operate orphanages, schools and clinic. Although the school has crumbled, the clinic is standing and they are doing their best to offer what aid they can although medical supplies have run out. Lifeline employs Haitians and educates Haitians so they can better help their people when they become adults. My sister has worked with Lifeline for the past 5 yrs, and was supposed to fly out 1/20 (her family goes every year at this time to work in the mission village), but obviously their flights were cancelled. Keep on praying and keep on giving. Reading the messages being posted daily at truly gives one a sense of the magnitude of needs there.

re said...

Where is The Salvation Army???? The organization with a long history of getting more of each dollar to where the donor wanted it to go! Get with the program! Donors check your organizations and how much of each dollar goes toward overhead costs and how much of each dollar actually gets to where you wanted it to go. Remember also that you should be able to designate specifically where your money is to be used.

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Blog Administrator: "rickinmont" comments are a hateful distraction from the intended purpose of this site

Anonymous said...

I'm a Dialysis Nurse and i would like to help if it's necessary...
Contact me any time @ :

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jacqueline said...

I donated to the Haitian Relief Fund at the William J. Clinton Foundation for the very reason mentioned; 100% will go to Haiti. I am president of a domestic violence program and all of us are volunteers, so I know it can be done. Don't waste valuable contributions at this time to highly paid staff. The people in Haiti need us now. Our grandson is on a ship heading there today as well.And, too, the Clinton Foundation acknowledged my donation very quickly.

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Anonymous said...

I will be willing to adopt or support a child without a family

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree with:

Adding SHELTER BOX to the list of organizations that are worthy of donatuions. This is an efficiently run and very important world disaster relief organization.
Waking up the adminstrator of this site. PLEASE REMOVE the racist and disgusting posts on this BLOG...RIGHT AWAY!
Most of the posts here show a world wide humanitarian concern. Unfortunately there are a few rotten apples in the bunch.

Candy40dd said...

WoW, " Anonymous" to adopt a child in Haiti, with NO parents is a BIG deal..May the Lord bless you in the journey your about to take..Wish the world had more people like you around, EVERY CHILD would have a parent!!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE DIRECT EVERYONE you can to our website. IMAONLINE.ORG We have a large Medical Team on the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic right now. We have well over 2,000 patients right now and more on the way.We need donations so that we can purchase supplies that the Doctors need so that they can care for the patients. We also are need of Volunteers. Please visit our website for more information

Anonymous said...

God bless u all god is with you every step of the way just beleave there is people out here that care in want to help keep your head up in remain positive

Unknown said...

To Blog Admin: Look for hate-filled post by rickinmont about 3 pm. should be considered. Emergency communication organization Telecoms Sans Frontieres Telecoms without Borders

Anonymous said...

We pray for effected peoples and his families who are awaiting help from world. God bless all giving for the effected peoples in Haiti. God bless him more.

Wajid Masih
World In Need Pakistan

Allen and Tonya Hunt said...

Could you please add our charity to your list?
Hope for Haiti's Children

We are on the ground delivering medical supplies, food and water. We've been in Haiti since 1995 sponsoring children to go to school. Our focus right now is on crisis relief.

Anonymous said...

Just like to know where and to whom can I give my donation here in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Why is The Salvation Army so far down on the list? They have a large footprint in Haiti, 60+ centers, orphanages, Hospitals, schools with 10,000+ students, 400+ teachers and an excellent reputation for doing the most good with each dollar they receive. Many of the "Charities" in the list have NO presence in Haiti but are using the disaster as a money grabbing chance.

Unknown said...

Were can you donate clothes ,shoes or can goods non perishables in nyc for Haiti?

Anonymous said...

Please consider adding Outreach International to your list of organizations. See their info on They have 20 schools in Port-au-Prince and 70 more in the rest of Haiti. They have an established presence and their network could be used as a base for distributing aid to the people suffering from the earthquake. Many of their shcools have been damaged or destroyed. Some of the students were trapped in the rubble and have at least 4 have died. Please contact their USA headquarters in Independence, MO for any more current information at 1-888-833-1235. Thanks

Anonymous said...

We are willing to take in 2 children..preferably siblings if arrangements can be made to get them to the US. Contact us at

Anonymous said...

are their rescue missions out there to help all the poor, helpless animals too?? they need our help too!

Kathleen Rogers said...

NOZA Philanthropy Data for Haiti Earthquake Relief

NOZA supports the large and small nonprofit organizations who are doing everything they can to care for Haiti Earthquake victims, in particular those whose fundraising and administrative budgets are small and where the majority of all funds raised goes to programs and services to support the children and families of Haiti, says Craig Harris, NOZA founder and CEO.

NOZA provides philanthropy data to the nonprofit community for prospect research and major gift fundraising, and we are offering complimentary access to nonprofits directly involved in Haiti Relief Efforts in January and February, 2010. To request the complimentary access in order to search NOZA charitable giving data, please go to to request a free trial. The trial for all nonprofits is limited to 24 hours, but approved nonprofit organizations who mention “Haiti Earthquake Relief” at sign-up may receive up to 14 days of complimentary access. To apply, sign up for a free account and for Organization Type enter: “Other: Haiti Earthquake Relief” and a NOZA staff person will follow-up within 24 hours to provide access and search assistance upon approval.

If you already have a NOZA account and wish to request complimentary access as part of this effort, please contact with your organization’s contact information.

We appreciate the opportunity to support the nonprofits doing good in the U.S. and Haiti. To donate, NOZA recommends donating through your school, community church, and through the most popular and smaller nonprofits providing direct Haiti Earthquake Relief found on the Network for Good website:

NOZA Customer Support

Anonymous said...

i am willing to take a baby , if can get them to pensacola fl

Allie and Marty said...

We would take a family into our home if help can get them to us here in the United States.

Anonymous said...

I would like to contribute to the Israeli medical team. They have obviously been so effective, organized, and generous. I want to donate to them because I KNOW they will do an excellent job with any given resources, and use their outstanding skills to help more Haiitians who desperately need prompt medical care.
Please let me know how I can do that.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo,I am very disappointed to see that you have not mentioned the 4 Star charity that does enormous amount of good work all around the world, based in USA, as one of the charities on the list.
Is it deliberate because it has the word Islamic in it?
It is called Islamic Relief. It is an amazing organization, working to do wonderful work against poverty and misery around the world without wasting money on advertising itself. Check out the website and the work they do and please put them on the list of charities doing good work in USA.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for sites, since Im betting some are a scam just to get your money...At least in the comments don't go to anyones site unless its approved.

EmmaJean said...

A letter to the Haitian President,
A cure for Haiti
Emma Tese' Jean

I am appalled and disappointed at what's going on right now in Haiti . The Haitian people should be ashamed of themselves. The animalistic barbaric actions of my people as they are in the mist of this tragedy, makes me feel a shamed to be haitian. But they are not to blame. The blame is on the haitian government or the lack there of . The people are the first priority. The resources are being dispersed in a un-organized insensitive manner. It reminds me of a hundred pigeons feeding off one slice of bread. Haiti is a Paradise! I remember my grandmother taking me to the waterfalls of Bassin Blue, the congested Iron Market in port au prince and the beaches of Belle-Anse

On Tuesday ,January 12,2010 my country was hit by a devastating earthquake. At that exact moment all I can think of was my grandmother. She lives, in Haiti. The feeling that i felt at that moment was un-describable. All the death that I saw on the tv was not helping. I finally spoke to her today, seven days later and my grandmother is Ok . I was overwhelmed by the swift relief efforts for my country. From the bottom of my heart ,I thank the world.

There's more then half a billion dollars in the earthquake relief fund. How will it be spent? You can't just drop food from the sky expecting an explosion of civility; food, shelter, cloths and jobs are needed. What Haiti needs right now is hope to resurrect the nation. Only Haitians can rebuild Haiti!
Haitien, we must organize the dissemination of the relief supplies and consolidate our population to hazard free areas. Every able bodied citizen must be hired in some capacity in these relief efforts. We must have well equipped scouters for locating survivors, we must have recovery teams with low cost air transportation to evacuate the injured and weak ,also clean up crews to remove the decease and the rubble.

The global condition demands an innovative environmentally conscience industry. We will rebuild to this standard, making haiti , pioneers of this era. We will cease this opportunity by implementing new farming and water treatment techniques ,a low cost communication infrastructure ,and factories to build solar panel and State of the art fabricated homes and usher in this eco-conscience age.

~ Seul haitien ca rebaty haiti

Anonymous said...

Is there a program that allows us to invite those who have lost their homes to live with us in the United States or other Nations outside of Haiti?

Unknown said...

Dear All,

I am an engineering exective in the mechanical engineering, can work volinterly for any organization i have a vast experince of 30 years in construction and re hablitations.

Jamal Khan

Sony N Scaria said...

I am willing to work along with any genuine American international charitable institution for the resurrection of Haiti.

Sony N Scaria
Mob : 00971 50 9386735

Anonymous said...

What about all of the animals!? Does the ASPCA or any other organization have any help going to the pets of the affected people?

Anonymous said...

I am very saddened by the tragedy that has taken the people of Haiti to an even further despair. I have review this list and I am somewhat confused. One of the biggest organizations that is still helping victims of the Katrina and Tsunami aftermath is not on here. Habitat for Humanity has been charged with the great task of helping those in need of decent shelter. Once all the cameras stop rolling most never consider what happens to the people in need. Yes, people need immediate help but how about giving to where there is a way to sustain. I plan to give my donation to Habitat for Humanity and hope to go over and continue to rebuild Haiti.

D.Johnson said...

I don't have a lot of money..but I have plenty time to donate in any way needed.....I am in the DC/VA/MD

Verb said...

I would like to volunteer in Haiti. How can I find out more information about that?

Gemmas Treasures said...

Please< I need to help my brothers and sisters of Haiti. I have spoken to quite a few of my friends and family members who would consider adopting a kid or family who needs a home temporarily. Does anyone have any info. on organizations to contact? The kids need us most. Please help. Thanks to everyone who have already helped. God Bless.

santana said...

me and my family would love to take in one or two children from haiti. forever or just till we can get them in better conditions if it be in haiti or the u.s. if someone has info on how please let me know

Network for Good said...

Thank you to everyone for posting additional resources and opening your hearts and wallets to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. To best manage your questions moving forward, please contact us here. The reason we are turning of the comment feature is due to spam.